Financial Planning Services

At Financial Focus, we offer a choice of Comprehensive or Modular Planning depending on your needs. In order to create a plan that reflects your goals and dreams, we will spend the time required to gain an in-depth understanding of your specific situation, your needs and your dreams, in order to provide the most professional and appropriate advice.

Financial Planning is a process that includes the following prescribed steps:

    * Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship

    * Gathering client data, including goals

    * Analyzing and evaluating your financial status

    * Developing and presenting financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives

    * Implementing the financial planning recommendations, as appropriate

    * Monitoring the financial planning recommendations

Comprehensive planning covers the following areas of one's financial life:

Modular Planning would include one or more of the above list, as appropriate.

Follow Up:

In addition to the creation of a written financial plan, we will create a schedule of meetings and consultations to monitor and review your progress. We believe that excellent communications and monitoring is integral to your success.


Fees for Financial Planning Services are based on an agreed upon format - either flat fee or hourly charges. A written proposal of anticipated costs will be provided for your review and approval prior to work commencing. Our policy is to submit our invoice upon presentation of your written financial plan.

Plan Implementation:

The implementation of plan recommendations comprises the actions required to create momentum towards your success. While Financial Focus is able and happy to help you with the implementation stage, there is no requirement or obligation on your part. Any placement of products is a separate and distinct service from our role as financial planners.